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YouToube Embed Videos Slightly Polished, Make the Channel Easy to Grow

As an online based service, it is not surprising if YouTube keeps changing from time to time. Changes do not only occur in the interface but also in the features and functions in them. Most recently, YouTube quietly rolled changes to embedded or embedded support.

Slightly Polished

Changes to the design of the video that was inserted into the web or blog was first seen at the end of last week. If you pay close attention, the new design of the embed video can be seen in the appearance of a canal shotcut in the upper left of the embed area. If the cursor is close to this shotcut, the channel name will appear as well as the number of customers and the button to subscribe. Then on the right side there are two additional menus, Watch Later and Share.

Here is an example of YouTube’s new embed video.

While there was no change from the player side , it was still like an old player . Likewise in terms of behavior, where the top bar and player controls will appear when the cursor is moved to the player area and is lost when transferred to another place.

In terms of appearance, not many big things are presented. But for video creators, this change will entice them. Because, compared to the previous embed video designs, now they will be helped and easier to grow. It’s just not certain whether YouTube also provides new options for users to turn off the top bar containing channel information or by default every video embedded on a web page will appear .

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