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The Android Q Beta Phase is rumored to have started, more manufacturers are involved

Every year Google routinely launches a new generation for its own mobile operating system , Android. Last year, Android 9.0 Pie officially launched and when most Android device users were still awaiting their arrival on their respective devices, news emerged that the beta phase of Android Q – successor Pie would begin soon.

Android Q Beta

Reported by PhoneArena , that Google has opened the Android Q Beta bug tracker which is believed to be sliding on March 11 which falls today. But from Dailysocial’s last observation on Google’s official site, the intended component of Android Q has not been found.

While The AndroidSoul found the opposite. The bug tracking filter states that only reports made after March 11 will be considered. This is the basis why many media say that the Android Q beta phase will begin on March 11.

Google itself does not mention which manufacturers will take part in this beta phase. But Xda-developer based on the comments of one of the Android developers, Illiyan Malchev on the Android Developers Backstage podcast, said that this year will be different from previous years, where there will be more OEMs involved, not just internal teams who usually use the device Google Pixel.

Android Q itself is estimated to be packing some features and new improvements compared to Pie. Some of the most widely heard are the loss of back button support that will practically leave one home button alone . Then the presence of dark modes, authorization permission options that give more control to users, and there are issues about similar features with Samsung Dex, as well as broader developer options.

Google usually reveals a new generation of operating systems in the range of August. So, it’s still long enough before really seeing what the features and advantages of Android Q are. For now, it seems like waiting for the arrival of Android Pie is a more reasonable choice.

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