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Gaming Services

Everything You Need to Know About Google Stadia Cloud Gaming Services

From the concept, content, hardware, availability, participating developers, to game studios that support it. This year’s Game Developers Conference has the potential to become a more special event than before. At the opening moment, Nvidia announced an agenda for presenting ray tracing on a GeForce GTX graphics card . Then …

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browser pays

This browser pays users who want to see advertisements

In the 90s, there was a company called AllAdvantage that was willing to pay people to surf the internet. Instead, they will track and display ads on the user’s device. The concept was then extinct following the cessation of the company’s operations. But Brave Software, the company that was formerly …

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Better Audio Quality

Netflix Now Serves Better Audio Quality on its Film Catalog

Speaking of film or video, of course resolution is always the most important benchmark. So important is the resolution, sometimes the audio quality is less noticed. Whereas for some films, like one of my favorites, ” Whiplash “, audio is no less important considering the main theme that the film …

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Avoid Common Entrepreneurial Mistakes with MAKSI Savings from Maybank

Building a business is actually not a difficult matter. When you have the capital, willingness and determination, you are ready to start a business. But unfortunately, these three things are not enough to make you a great entrepreneur. Many beginner entrepreneurs must fall up first before successfully establishing a business. …

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Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge Browser Now Available on macOS

Microsoft Edge Browser Now Available on macOS. Towards the end of last year, Microsoft made a surprise by announcing their plans to overhaul the Microsoft Edge browser based on the open-source principle . Specifically, the default browser Windows 10 will adopt Chromium , which is nothing but the foundation of …

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