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Apple Will Delete the Connect feature from Apple Music

When first announced three years ago, Apple Music described as the application with three ‘lives’: service streaming music, radio broadcasts live , and forums for communication between musicians and fans. Unfortunately, this third life named Apple Music Connect will not last long.

Apple Music

Based on information received by 9to5Mac, Apple has just sent a notification to musicians that they will delete the Connect feature from their services. Effective as of December 13, 2018, musicians can no longer upload content to Apple Music Connect.

Content that was previously uploaded can still be accessed by Apple Music customers, but only through search results, and only until May 24, 2019. Instead, Apple presents a new look for Artist Page, along with personalized Artist Radio features.

Apple Music Connect is indeed not a popular feature, even among service customers themselves. The proof, when iOS 10 was launched, Apple Music got a new look, and at the same time Connect no longer got its own tab portion as before.

This is not the first time Apple has failed to integrate social features into its digital music services. The fate of Apple Music Connect is actually not much different from iTunes Ping, which is only two years old, before finally being replaced by the integration of Facebook and Twitter.

But that does not mean Apple Music is really poor social features. Connect, as the name implies, is only designed to bridge musicians and their fans. Beyond that, Apple Music users can still follow each other and exchange recommendations.

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