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Android Auto Has a New Design that is More Fresh and Functional

It has not been felt for five years since Google first revealed Android Auto in the Google I / O 2014 event. In that period, Google said that Android Auto is now available in more than 500 car models from 50 different brands.

Fresh and Functional

Five years is the right time for a refresher, and Google has just revealed a new version of Android Auto that carries a dramatic overhaul of design. This new look is not only sweeter in the eye, but also more functional than before.

The biggest change in my opinion is at the bottom. In the new version, there are only three buttons that can be clicked at any time: launcher button , notification center , and Google Assistant. The remaining space is used for a navigation bar that changes depending on what application is being opened.

So such as those opened are Google Maps, the navigation bar will be inhabited by Spotify and other media player applications. That way, users can still control the music without leaving a clear navigation guide view from Google Maps.

Conversely, when opening Spotify or other applications, the navigation bar will display a turn that must be taken next. Long story short, this new version of Android Auto makes it easier for multitasking , but not until that makes the driver’s concentration easily dispersed.

Google does not forget to apply a dark theme on Android Auto to make it more in line with the interior of most cars. In cars whose dashboard screen is wider than usual, Android Auto will also make maximum use of this extra space by displaying more information.

Google says that this new version of Android Auto will be available starting next summer in all compatible cars.

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