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Activating DNS on a cellphone is now easier thanks to its Android and iOS applications

Remember , Cloudflare ‘s new DNS service released on April 1? After the launch, DNS can already be used on various devices: directly on the router , on the computer, or on a smartphone . However, even though is easy to remember, changing DNS on a smartphone is not as easy as turning your palm.

Activating DNS

Constraints like this clearly make ordinary consumers become reluctant to use on their cellphones, regardless of the many benefits they provide; mainly about speed and guarantee of privacy. Cloudflare has a solution, namely in the form of an application.

Released for Android and iOS on November 11 (11-11) yesterday, the application was completely designed with simplicity. There is only one lever in it, which is to enable or disable DNS on the device. Everything takes place automatically without requiring the user to tune the network settings menu.

As far as I’m trying, there is no difference between activating via the application or manually through the network settings menu. Cloudflare itself can still be proud to know which recorded the fastest performance in the DNSPerf version of the public DNS category .

One final note, the application can be downloaded for free. Cloudflare does not attract any fees, as well as for use on desktop devices .

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