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YouTube Test Explore Features in the iOS Application

Not long ago, Instagram updated its Explore feature in order to make it easier for users to find more varied content, along with the topics and channels that each might like. Now, it’s YouTube’s turn to be testing similar features.

Explore Features

This test only involves about 1% of YouTube users on the iOS platform . The lucky ones will see a new tab labeled “Explore” on the YouTube application. Previously, the position of this tab was occupied by “Trending”.

But Trending is not just removed, but becomes part of Explore. YouTube basically wants to offer more varied content through Explore, content (including topics and channels ) that normally users will not meet. Even so, all of them still uphold the aspect of personalization and are based on watching habits of each user.

They did this experiment as the number of videos uploaded to YouTube increased massively. At the same time, Explore is also intended to help creators reach more audiences, including highlighting creators who are starting to rise, aka ” on the rise “.

For now it’s still too far to assume regarding the availability of this feature on Android. YouTube just tested it with a handful of users while gathering feedback from them.

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